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In our tender time here on planet earth, we learn that giving birth to our dreams requires a bit of risk, a bit of sacrifice and whole lot of love. Life moves fast and the details get blurry but it is in these moments, of dreams recognized, of life celebrated & of love shared, that we come back to our center. Our dream is to share what we love and what inspires us with the community around us. In doing so, we aim to lift up the radical, free thinking artists and musicians in our worlds and provide a unique experience for friends, lovers, teachers, activists, dancers & more, month after month. Our inaugural event in November could not have unfolded with sweeter vibrations and we are elated for December’s offering.

At the helm will be DJs Cecil, Diaztek, Son of Son, Nina Sol, and Abeldee as they take us lovingly around the world with stops in Angola, Peru, India, Jamaica, Paris, Kenya, Nigeria, Cuba, Egypt, New York, Colombia and more. Crossing continents, diasporas and borders, we’ll be winding together Festejo, Tropical Bass, Azonto, Dancehall, Kudoro, Soca, South African House, Samba, Salsa and more into one contagious groove. In addition, we are pleased to welcome master percussionists Ricky Carter & Soul Mojo, along with Henna artist Sabreena Haque, Visual Artist Suzie Ferras and artisan goods presented by L’Oven Fresh. As a special treat, arrive early to catch an Afro-Cuban Salsa class led by Sean Foster from 8-9!

Hosted By: Candi
*Three Rooms of Music*

DJ’s Cecil (thePeople) + Live Percussion
Aebldee (Hip Operation)
Nina Sol (Space Is the Place)
Diaztek (Refuge)
Son of Son (Refuge)

Highlighted Artisan:
L’Oven Fresh

Visual Artist:
Suzie Ferras

Live Henna Art:
Sabreena Haque

Afro-Cuban Salsa Dance Instruction:
Sean Foster

Venue Oakland
420 14th St.
Oakland, CA / 21 & Over

Doors 8pm, $5 Before 10pm / $10 After
Afro-Cuban Salsa Class: 8-9pm / Music 9-2am

Featured Artisans:
Sabreena Haque:
Professional Mehndi / Henna Artist Sabreena Haque moves in many different circles. Her passion for creativity, community involvement and worldly rituals has brought her around the world, where she’s honed her skills in beautifying, adorning and serving. Born in the United States and raised in a traditional South Asian home, San Francisco based Haque was drawn to the sacred and ritualistic art of Mehndi as a child. As her talents flourished, she became impassioned and dedicated to sharing her culture with others. Her favorite canvas? “Skin…art on art.” We’re honored to showcase Sabreena’s incredible work on Saturday Dec 14th!

Suzie Ferras:
San Francisco native Suzie Ferras’ work can be seen everywhere from galleries & cafes around the Bay Area to broadcasted shorts on Sesame Street. As an illustrator, painter, sculptor & community organizer, Suzie draws from a wide range of inspirations to create colorful, engaging and compelling visuals pieces that evoke conversation and connection to a shared human experience. Along with an exhibit of her work, she will be doing a live painting alongside the sounds of DJ’s Diaztek & Son of Son.

L’Oven Fresh:
The handcrafted goods of Ayana Ivery’s L’Oven Fresh line is undeniably sweet. Colorful, sturdy and clever aprons, soft home goods & more are designed and hand made with love in Oakland, California. Ayana’s fun, spunky personality is sewn into each unique piece and we are proud to showcase her wonderful crafts at “Skin”.

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