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Music is found in every known culture, past and present. From the most isolated tribal groups to humans living on the forefront of technology creating syncopated rhythms on their cellphones, music is often the sweetest common denominator. There are calls of the drum that speak to every heartbeat, songs of every passion that are sung into the night. Over music we gather; to celebrate life, to honor our ancestors, honor each other and to revel in the moment. It is here, that we recognize our common bond as a people. Our need to feel free, to move our bodies like a wild prayer and it is here, that we find our healing, and our joy.

We’ve chosen the finest artists and DJs to take us across continents and diasporas; from the winding rhythms of Nigeria’s Afro-Beat & Highlife to the new sounds rising in South Africa’s House Scene, the Caribbean’s golden collection of Soca, Calypso, Dancehall and Salsa to Brazil’s Samba & Baile Funk…we fuse the tap-tap-tapping of Tahitian drumming with sexy 808 rhythms of Tropical Bass, Northern India’s Bhangra, soulful Hip Hop and jazz à la New York…all married to heavy heavy Afro-Latin rhythms. Summoning the past, present and future – we invite you to journey with us into a space where music becomes our mother, and we find ourselves lovingly back home.

*Three Rooms of Lovely Music*
Hosted By: Candi

Cecil (thePeople)
Orfeu Negro (thePeople)
Emancipacion (SouLovely)
Nina Sol (Space Is The Place)
Diaztek (Refuge)
Son of Son (Refuge)

Live Drum & Dance:
Samba Funk

Highlighted Artisan:
OneMama Clothing

Visual Artist:
Magick Monica

Face Painting:
Bush Mama

Venue Oakland
420 14th St.
Oakland, CA / 21 & Over
Doors 9pm, $5 Before 11pm / $10 After

Advance Tickets:

Featured Artistans:
OneMama’s unique clothing collection is handmade by women in rural Uganda. 100% of their sales directly funds their birthing centers & community clinics in Uganda, ensuring that entire communities are being uplifted by this powerful business model. Feel beautiful with the knowledge that your purchases are literally saving lives. Visit for more information.

Monica Santos (aka Magick): A native to the Philippines, visual artist Magick births a style of her own: from indigenous and tribal art to classical and urban
contemporary styles, one can certainly see her influences of the east and west emerge. She imbibes a recognizable color pallet using light hues, pastel colors and dripping paint to convey imagery with hidden stories of personal, deep and meditative qualities. Visit for more information.

Nestled in the heart of Oakland’s Downtown Historic Theater District, Venue is the city’s newest event space. Built in the early1920’s, Venue boasts a unique charm of yesteryear; a time of stellar art-deco, cavernous ballrooms and the mystique of the Prohibition era. Featuring four distinct rooms spread over three stories, Venue is a welcomed addition to a thriving city where anything is possible. VIP Booths & Bottle Service Available.

Let life be like music. – Langston Hughes

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