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“Watu Wa Dunia” Feat: Mpenzi, Ibou Ngam, DJ Cecil, Diaztek, Son of Son & Soul Mojo on Saturday, July 11th!

Depending on which elder you are speaking to, “Isikuti” roughly translates to “Voice of the People” or “Is Good”. A dance shared by the Isukha and Idakho people of Western Kenya, Isukuti is a passionate, energetic dance that shapes many cultural occasions, from childbirths, to funerals, weddings to sporting events. The Isikuti dance honors social integration and diversity and signifies the coexistence between families and communities, youth and their elders. Always, these dances are filled with singing, and are accompanied by a trio of drums bearing the same name. Known for their irresistible, bass-y sound, the Isukuti drums are commonly used for therapy, ritual, entertainment and to connect to the world of the ancestors.

There will always be music that, when felt, connects us as people. These harmonies speak to our richest histories, most humble struggles, most profound joys, our quiet losses. From the ritual to the free form, from the synchronized to the rhapsodical, we bring the fullness of who we are and dance for life, as we have for centuries.

Continuing tradition, we invite you to join us into a space of joy embodied, diversity celebrated, and life honored as we travel through the deepest rhythmic histories from Angola to Antigua,  Oakland to Zimbabwe with percussion and loved ones by our side.



DJ Mpenzi (Kenya / Mondial Afrique)

Percussionist Ibou Ngam (Senegal / Sambada)


DJ Cecil


Son of Son

Soul Mojo Djembefola

Artisan Village:

Apreal Showers

Candid Arts

Joanne Ludwig

Hosted By: Ms. Candi




581 5th St.

Oakland, USA

9pm – 2am / 21+

$5 Before 10pm / $10 After

Ibou Ngam

Ibou Ngam

DJ Mpenzi

DJ Mpenzi

Apreal Showers

Apreal Showers

Joanne Ludwig

Joanne Ludwig

Soca | Dancehall | Tropical Bass | Azonto | Kudoro | Festejo | Afro-Beat | Samba

Afro-House | Highlife | Coupe DeCale | Salsa Y Mas

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