Monthly Archives: October 2014

SKIN Celebrates One Year Anniversary! Saturday November 8th 2014 {Beautiful New Location} Riddim Dancehall, Oakland

Zambia’s Babemba Tribe holds a belief that each human being enters the world a good person. They share an affirmation that everyone is essentially seeking (and worthy of) love, peace,

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Diaztek’s Fall Mix :: A Sonic Treat for Your Whole Being

We are so grateful and excited to have the superbly talented DJ Diaztek as a resident co-conspirator at SKIN. What he brings to the tables (pun intended) is a fresh

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Love Is A Verb: Our Favorite Free & Donation Based Yoga Classes in the Bay Area

We’ve always envisioned SKIN as a collective celebration and sharing of culture, art, music, movement and ideas. As we move through life, a reminder to love the SKIN we’re in.

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