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SKIN Presents “Por Vida” Sunset Boat Cruise Saturday July 12th, 2014

“Por Vida”

Half way though 2014

a new year already on deck.

Moments, fleeting … our days continue to shimmy past us.

Time, is flying.


We have sunsets that boast extraordinary oranges,

wild purples, fiery reds and the softest blues…

They are the colors of wishes, dreams & contemplations

that get tucked into the horizon every evening.

A sky full of possibility / these are moments we cherish.

They make us smile.

Eventually, we’re blanketed by the celestial and if we’re lucky,

we get another rising sun.


We are denizens of a society that is in need of healing;

finely attuned to the injustices

and shortcomings of our brothers and sisters.

There is no room for apathy.

Loved ones have gone missing,

others are at war,

and some….are just hungry. Or sick. Or heartbroken.


Today, waking up with breath, body,

and love at our side

feels like a privilege.

We’ve come to know struggle as deeply and intimately as happiness.

We don’t take shit for granted.


These challenges … these triumphs

keep us flowing with the rhythm of life /

dancing wild with gratitude.

They remind us that we are made of jazz / salsa / hip hop /

afro-beat / gospel / soca / samba

songs that our ancestors sang into the wind /

long before we ever existed.


Our days are a symphony of miracles.

Every gorgeous note on a piano / the stroke of a guitar /

fingers tapping on an MPC / the low end of a bass

the heartbeat of a drum / the crackle of old vinyl /

the calling out of a honey toned voice

is an invitation to life.


We are music. Let’s live.


Hosted / Written By: Ms. Candi



Soul Profess

DJ Cecil

Percussionists:  Soul Mojo & Ricky Carter


Celebrations on the Bay : Riverboat

Jack London Square, Foot of Broadway

Oakland, CA / 21 & Over / Limited Capacity


Loading Begins at 5:30pm

Boat Departs at 6pm / Returns at 9pm


About the Boat:

“Bay Celebrations” is a locally owned, double decked riverboat style vessel powered by twin engines. The boat is wheel chair accessible and features a full bar and indoor / outdoor areas. The boat moves very slowly for maximum comfort and will tour the lovely waters of the SF Bay with viewings of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate and Alcatraz. Meeting place will be at Jack London Sq, between Lungomare and Scott’s Restaurant.


“I haven’t come to this world to leave as a flicker. The dark is my friend. I am not afraid of it, but I came to light up the sky.” – Unknown

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