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“Heartbeats & Horizons” Summer Solstice Sunset Cruise :: Saturday June 21st, 2014

The National Institute of Health is conducting an on-going study of the positive effects of music in our lives. Renown Neuro-Scientist, Dr. Petr Janata, affirms that music strikes an important chord in the role of superior health and well being. Music, after all, brings communities of people together, encourages social bonding, and stimulates both brain and body. Their studies have concluded that music can alleviate pain (thereby reducing the need for pain medication), and reduce depression and anxiety. Music activates the medial pre-frontal cortex region of the brain which is the hub for emotion, memory and creativity and warms up the brain’s motor regions which prepares us for physical movement. Simply put, music turns us on.

For centuries, indigenous people have understood the crucial role music plays in our lives. The sound of the drum can be linked to everything from love, to war. It embodies both prayers of abundance and cries for the most relatable human struggles. The traceable history of the drum in the Americas dates back to A.D. 700; where remnants of wooden cylinder drums and small pottery drums were unearthed in various regions of Central Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala and various parts of Meso-America. It is believed that the drum harnesses the power to influence natural elements like the weather, can deliver messages to both the spirit and animal world and heal entire tribes of people. Native intelligence regards the drum as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Perhaps then, our love affair with music is just an innate quality passed down from our ancestors, a relationship we were all destined for.

Please join us as we set sail once again, to a place where music becomes our mother and love, our bestest guide. We’ll be flowing through waves of lush, global rhythms with the sun upon our skin and all shadows cast to the side.


Hosted By: Candi

FEATURING DJ’s: Veyn / DJ Cecil /   Son of Son / Diaztek


Soul Mojo & Ricky Carter


Celebrations on the Bay : Riverboat

Jack London Square, Foot of Broadway

Oakland, CA / 21 & Over / Limited Capacity

Click Here for Tickets!

Loading Begins at 5:30pm

Boat Departs at 6pm / Returns at 9pm

About the Boat:

“Bay Celebrations” is a locally owned, double decked riverboat style vessel powered by twin engines. The boat is wheel chair accessible and features a full bar and indoor / outdoor areas. The boat moves very slowly for maximum comfort and will tour the lovely waters of the SF Bay with viewings of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate and Alcatraz. Meeting place will be at Jack London Sq, between Lungomare and Scott’s Restaurant.


“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” -Maori Proverb

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