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“Destino: La Musica” Sunset Boat Cruise : Saturday May 10th : Departing from Oakland!

Destino: La Musica 

Prior to the arrival of curious Spanish Explorers, Northern California was one of the most densely populated regions north of Mexico. The indigenous people, known as the Ohlone or Costeños (“coastal people”)  largely resided in what we casually refer to as the East Bay, but namely, Oakland. The Ohlone’s were natural polyglots, employing a variety of languages used to commune with one another and Mother Earth. They knew harmony in intimate, rhythmic patterns and worked well with one another to ensure that all tribe members would thrive accordingly. The Ohlone’s possessed innate knowledge of how to harvest the earth of her finest creations. Hunting, fishing, gathering and trading were all done with care.

The Ohlone regularly gathered to participate in dance based rituals to ensure optimal health, bountiful harvests, hunts, fertility and good weather. Often these ecstatic prayers were danced in underground rooms, but when done in public, the participants would take great measures to disguise themselves. Tattoos, body piercings, capes, bark skirts and adornments of feathers, shell beads, abalone, bone and wood earrings were commonly used. The elaborate dancing ceremonies of “Kuksu” became a rite of passage for the Ohlone. Like many cultures, the Ohlone believed that dancing allowed intervention with the spirit world and ultimately, bonded members of the community.

In this modern world of 2014, it’s all too easy to forget our indigenous nature. Yet the simple act of dancing, allows us to tap into a tradition thousands of years old and can usher us back to our humble roots. We were born to be in ceremony with each other; dancing our way to better health, harvests, and yes, even good weather.

Please join us on Saturday May 10th, as we set sail into the San Francisco Bay for an exquisite three hour tour that departs from Oakland’s Jack London Square. We’ll be guided by great spirits, a trusty captain, the finest DJ’s, and the wind upon our skin. Yes, yes y’all. It’s time to come together and dance for life. All aboard.

Hosted By: Candi


DJ Cecil


Son of Son


Resident Percussionist:  Soul Mojo

Eats By:  Warehouse Bar & Grill


Celebrations on the Bay : Riverboat

Jack London Square, Foot of Broadway

Oakland, CA / 21 & Over / Limited Capacity

Click here for tickets.

Loading Begins at 4:30pm

Boat Departs at 5pm / Returns at 8pm

About the Boat:

“Bay Celebrations” is a locally owned, double decked riverboat style vessel powered by twin engines. The boat is wheel chair accessible and features a full bar and indoor / outdoor areas with space heaters. The boat moves very slowly for maximum comfort and will tour the lovely waters of the SF Bay with viewings of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate and Alcatraz. Meeting place will be at Jack London Sq, between Lungomare and Scott’s Restaurant.

Summer day on the Bay

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold

the red and purple sunset. – Native American Prayer

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