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Oakland Love x Okay Africa

Wow. Big things can happen when you dare to dream. I am super thrilled to be Okay Africa’s newest contributor. My relationship to The Roots dates back to my senior year of high school, when I stumbled upon their album, Illadelph Halflife. Never, did I imagine that in my humble career I’d eventually have the opportunity to work with these talented brothers from Philadelphia. During my years booking shows and co-managing The Justice League, we hosted shows with The Roots – there live performances, were and still are, compelling and exciting. Looking back, I only remember my shy 20-something self generally too nervous to approach any of these demi-hip hop gods – I just handled myself professionally and kept it moving. When Quest Love launched Okay Player in 2004, it was a brilliant effort to forge community in an often competition filled creative community. Some of the artists that have inspired me the most are affiliated with Okay Player (Mos Def, Meshell N’degeocello, Erykah Badu to name a few) and their seal of approval is often one of greatness.

When Okay Player gave birth to Okay Africa, a tiny seed was planted in my creative spirit. Last week, it took full bloom as my first piece as an Okay Africa contributor was published; a heartfelt look inside the diaspora scene in my hometown, Oakland.  Hope you enjoy!


With Love,


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