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SKIN Presents “Movements & Migrations” Saturday March 29th at Parliament in Downtown Oakland

SKIN Presents: “Movements & Migrations”

In the western region of Africa, there is a dance that Malinke women share called Moribayasa. Literally translated as, “jumble”, Moribayasa is essentially done to honor the overcoming of adversity. The dancers circle the village several times, singing and dancing, attracting followers. The Moribayasa dance is very important in the lives of women; and since adversity requires seeking help from the surrounding villagers, the dance becomes a celebration of life. An expression of joy, elation and high spirits, it is believed that the dance helps to resolve life’s problems.

In many cultures, dance teaches healthy social patterns, values, helps people work, mature, exchange praise, celebrate, learn history & poetry, encounter Gods and heal. We dance to express our collective creativity, communal desires and a shared love for the heaviest rhythms that speak directly to the heart muscle.

“Movements & Migrations” is an evening to honor each other in a world that is ever changing. As we move through our challenges and migrate towards love, we invite music to be our guide. Together we’ll be journeying across continents and diasporas, celebrating our bond as a people and dancing to an irresistible global groove.

Hosted By: Candi


DJ Cecil (thePeople)

Diaztek (Refuge)

Son of Son (Refuge)


Live Percussion:

Soul Mojo

Saad Sodaye


Visual Artist:

Omiiroo Nyeusi


Delicious Eats By:

Borinquen Soul



811 Washington

Oakland, CA / 21 & Over

Doors 9pm, $5 Before 10pm / $10 After

Advance Tickets:





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